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That’s Lou Ferrigno, not my father.

I think I was six, which would have made my brother four. We were avid fans of The Hulk TV series, starring Lou Ferrigno. My dad, like most 70s dads I suspect, had a crush on Lou because he was manly and buff. …

Two digital buttons, side-by-side, showing comparison of clickable areas, one small with “no thank you” below it and one large with “yes, please” below it

I want to tell you a story about how the usability and accessibility of a well-designed button can go south, and how you can avoid it with a sensible coding approach. But first, let me tell you why this is important. It’s simple, really:

  1. People with no movement disabilities enjoy…

Working to-do list that includes parent categories labeled “today,” “next up,” and “soon.” Each comprises items with prefixes for “client/project name,” “studio,” and “personal.”

To-do lists can be as overwhelming as they are helpful. But it feels SO good to check something off. Always. If I accomplish a task that isn’t on my list, I will literally add it only to immediately cross it off. Why? Because it helps me feel a sense of…

Collage: bowl of finished dish, chili oil being held up, shot of fried veggies/nuts, raw veggies on a cutting board
So much goodness

Cooking is fun. Most of the time. My wife is better than I am, but I have mastered a few things. Mostly tofu-based things.

I don’t really have recipes for the food I make. I have a process, which is both methodical and flexible, and everything else is to taste/liking/availability…

Sketches on notebook paper of ominous symbols and the word “godspeed”
YouTube screencapture

Etymology is a meaningful part of my profession. Especially when working on Information Architecture and information design. It isn’t always a factor when considering language usage, but it does come into play. …

The forthcoming MBUX Hyperscreen, via Mercedes-Benz.

Back in 2013 I gave a talk about design usability which included a slide about the then-new Tesla touchscreen dashboard. Everyone was super hyped about how cool it was, but I was there to ruin the party with my criticism about a lack of tactile feedback.

In this case we’re…

U-11 girls soccer team photo with goofy faces
The 2019 U-11 soccer squad, “Solar Eclipses” / Photo: April Castillo

These are my girls. With the help of my skillful coaching partner, I’m trying to prepare them for the 2027 World Cup. And while their silly-putty faces may lead you to believe that we’re the Bad News Bears of soccer (we kind of are) they are complete badasses.

Last fall…

(Illustrator unknown)

Not all of us are okay. Nor are we prepared to answer the question genuinely. The world is overwhelming in myriad ways. It feels like a betrayal to the pain and suffering felt deep in the soul to reply with “okay, thanks.”

But we ask. And they ask. Clients, peers…

In high school I was often found listening to records in my living room, air drumming, trying to reverse engineer what I was hearing on my favorite records. Mostly I was trying to learn records by Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Slayer, and Rush.

One day I went over to this guy’s…

Alice in Chains, Dirt Tour — Tucson, 1993

Every once in a while this story resurfaces in conversation. It’s pretty cool, so I thought I would go ahead and write it down for posterity.

Chapter 1: Moshtoberfest Takes the Stage

April 13, 1993 was the day I went from “Tucson famous” to “more Tucson famous.” Back then, my time was primarily split between delivering…

Mark Wyner

Meditator, experience designer, technologist, international public speaker, writer, family man, soccer addict, activist ✊🏻

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