I am a creative professional and technologist with two decades of working knowledge and a passion for crafting meaningful experiences that delight with simplicity and accommodate for accessibility. I share what I have learned as an international speaker and writer. Everything is founded on daily meditation in the Pacific Northwest.

I help humanize technology with simple, usable interfaces. I focus on UX design, UX research, and IA, for digital products in web, mobile, wearables, Artificial Intelligence, and connected cars.

I am honored to share my perspectives on UX, design, AI, and inclusivity for some notable audiences. My words have been published by A List Apart, the W3C, and Digital Trends. I have also taken stages at Nike, Wacom, OHSU, and many conferences around the world as a lecturer and keynote speaker.

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Mark Wyner

Activist, family man, creative professional, technologist, soccer fanatic, meditator, lover, hater, potty mouth, mostly vegan.