Mark Wyner
Working to-do list that includes parent categories labeled “today,” “next up,” and “soon.” Each comprises items with prefixes for “client/project name,” “studio,” and “personal.”

To-do lists can be as overwhelming as they are helpful. But it feels SO good to check something off. Always. If I accomplish a task that isn’t on my list, I will literally add it only to immediately cross it off. Why? Because it helps me feel a sense of…

(Illustrator unknown)

Not all of us are okay. Nor are we prepared to answer the question genuinely. The world is overwhelming in myriad ways. It feels like a betrayal to the pain and suffering felt deep in the soul to reply with “okay, thanks.”

But we ask. And they ask. Clients, peers…

In high school I was often found listening to records in my living room, air drumming, trying to reverse engineer what I was hearing on my favorite records. Mostly I was trying to learn records by Mötley Crüe, Metallica, Slayer, and Rush.

One day I went over to this guy’s…

Mark Wyner

Meditator, experience designer, technologist, international public speaker, writer, family man, soccer addict, activist ✊🏻

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